Singer and Songwriter

2019 when I started creating music, it challenged me to dare to stand out. To dare .... dare to stand out is not something obvious to me. I enjoy listening and lifting others. By releasing music that I have written myself, I stand out ... It feels both scary and tantalizingly exciting. There is a risk of failure, but what exactly is a failure? I am thinking that a failure can be .... holding back oneself

To writh in swedish or english

Writing songs in Swedish should be the most obvious thing for a Swede ...

For me, it has been a journey. I do not know why my spontaneous musical language was English.

Now in the autumn of 2021 I will start releasing songs in Swedish as well.

Songs in Swedish

Your tone in my life

Released January 28


Sometimes we talk about being on the same "wavelength"

This song draws its inspiration from the encounter with a strange tone, a person different from myself.


When we dare to let in a person with a different pace and tone, life can take a new turn.

Like mixing a new wavelength filled with tension, high / low and distorted tones. It takes both will and courage and…. It is wonderful!

Mej Själv

Care, warmth and support for oneself….How difficult is it not ......

The English version of this song is called My Soul

One day when life felt difficult and my own thoughts about myself had dark grey shades, I looked up and met warming eyes. It heeled me as if I understood…. Here I am! I have value! I want to meet myself with warmth and respect.

Filled with the feeling that I want to hold on to myself, not to build my happiness on others or on what is around me. Text and tones flowed so I took out my phone and started recording ..



Friendship - Relationships - Time and Change

This song is about expectations that exist between us and that we are tested in friendship.That life changes and that we are shaped together in the time that is.

I have gratitude for the people who are close to me. It is not only the family but also my friends, both new and old ones. This song is for you.

How come I am in one way sometimes and then another way with other people?

- We are shaped again and again

Songs in English

My Soul